New to holistic wellness within the dental industry? Gain access to my distinctive approach to continued education (CE), and learn from my experience in biological dentistry. ​KT Dental Seminars teach the valuable clinical skills and business tactics needed to become an industry leader. From group coaching to private sessions, your team will receive customized strategies, training opportunities and practical systems to ensure an effortless implementation within your practice. With three levels of customized training options, you can select the best fit for your needs. Dr. Katie’s engaging coaching style delivers a solid foundation of biological and cosmetic dentistry while teaching the necessary skills to position your business at the forefront of your community. Following the completion of coursework, coaching participants may immediately apply the newly acquired techniques within their practice. We know that patient care is a top priority for dentists, so it’s critical for you to stay informed on leading clinical skills and practice management strategies. At KT Dental Seminars, we provide essential CE training to assist in your commitment to lifelong learning. Review our three levels of coaching, and begin your wellness journey with KT Dental Seminars today.


This program is structured for individuals within the dental industry and includes online classes, checklists and downloadable documents. With a coaching format that allows participants to learn at a custom pace, you can engage with the material without the pressure of a set timeline.


Obtain all-access to level 1 course and materials alongside other dentists pursuing the same goals. Dr. Katie will facilitate and guide the sessions, culminating in SMART certification and the completion of the certified biological dentist program. Participants will also receive business training and financial wellness tips via monthly Zoom calls.


Here you’ll find one-on-one coaching with Dr. Katie that’s tailored to fit your needs. This program is by application only and includes weekly coaching calls, team training, video library access, customized documents and checklists, online courses and an in-office visit (travel included).
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